Warranty & Returns

The warranty period is the period during which the customer, having discovered a lack of goods, has the right to require the seller or manufacturer to take measures to eliminate the defect. The seller must eliminate the defects if it is not proved that they arose as a result of violations by the buyer of the operating rules.

At what point does the warranty begin?

from the moment of transfer of the goods to the consumer, if the contract does not specify;

if it is not possible to establish the day of purchase, then the guarantee goes from the time of manufacture;

for seasonal goods, the guarantee goes from the moment the season begins;

when ordering goods from an online store, the warranty begins on the day of delivery.

Warranty service includes:

elimination of product defects in certified service centers;

exchange for a similar product without surcharge;

exchange for a similar product with a surcharge;

Rules for the exchange and return of goods:

Exchange and return of products of good quality

The seller guarantees that the buyer within 14 days from the date of purchase of the goods can refuse the goods of good quality if:

the goods have not been put into operation and have a presentation, are in packaging with all labels, and there are also documents for the purchase of goods;

the goods are not included in the list of products of good quality, not subject to return and exchange.

The buyer has the right to exchange goods of good quality for another offer of goods or other goods that are identical in value or for another product with a surcharge or refund of the price difference.

Inadequate product exchange

If the buyer has discovered defects in the product after purchase, he may request a replacement from the seller. If an examination is scheduled for the conformity of the goods with the specified standards, the exchange must be made within 20 days.

Technically sophisticated products of inadequate quality are replaced with goods of the same brand or with similar goods of a different brand with a translation of the cost.