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Topping Delicia gingerbread 600 g gingerbread is worthy of attention because of its unusual taste. The topping is a caramel color and taste of gingerbread that is so popular among sweet lovers. The product has a long and pleasant aftertaste! The toppings are used as a filler in ice cream, mousses, soufflés, cream, cream to impart color and flavor. For the decoration of cakes, pastries, products, providing a glossy effect; for the dish decoration when serving desserts. It is also possible to add a topping confectionery gels for subsequent enrobing fruit and other desserts. The use of different varieties of toppings gives you unlimited options for bars and coffee shops in the sale of milk shakes. In one minute you can get from a regular milkshake no less than 20 flavors. Toppings can be applied hot or cold; They do not "overlap", but rather emphasize the taste of any confection. Just for this already have the sense to buy the other toppings; Give a very appetizing shade on the surface of the dish; He will not crystallize if it is added to the surface of the ice cream; Toppings presented in a very wide taste range; You can greatly diversify your desserts if you use a different fruit watering in the cooking process. Toppings for coffee from the company Delicia is a convenient and delicious water for coffee, available in our store as the popular fruit flavors, and tastes of various spices, nuts and chocolate. One of the remarkable properties of toppings for coffee brand Delicia is that they keep the shape of the pattern which it has inflicted on the surface of the coffee. This unusual property enables you to scope for this work, and many customers and baristas with imagination invent a number of different finishes: leaves, flowers, animals, and funny emoticons. In many successful schools, has acquired the toppings for coffee Delicia, are real artistic master baristas who can draw in the Cup client, a real work of art, lifting the mood of visitors. If you put a bottle of Delicia topping next to the coffee machine in your office, you'll soon see she's very quickly emptied, and isn't it the best proof of the attractiveness of such a product? Toppings Delicia, except for its special flavored notes, have a soft sweet taste, pleasant texture of a sauce or cream, fold in the hot coffee and not drown in the foam cappuccinos, and therefore are great for any coffee.
Taste Имбирный пряник

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