Thermo 360 degree 225 ml black

Brand: Loоoqs
Product Code: 37054
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Sealed convenient thermo mug with a capacity of 225 ml with a comfortable handle and original lid, allowing you to drink from any side. To open or close the mug, simply click on the cover. Suitable for hot and cold drinks. Thermoses and insulated cups — very common and many famous type of pottery. So, heat the dishes have long been appreciated by the travelers, motorists, Amateurs of winter sports, parents of young children, opponents of fast food and many others. What could be nicer than enjoying a Cup of coffee in the misty morning, or hot tea in the winter time, especially if you are at this moment are outside the city limits? Many have discovered the secret of healthy eating that is after the purchase of the mugs are of decent quality. We offer you to plunge into the world of contemporary thermopaste and be sure to buy a branded travel mug brand, which is able perfectly to keep the heat and cold. Sealed thermo with a volume of 225ml with a comfortable handle and a smart cover. External housing made of stainless steel, does not contain BPA. Registered design®. Excellent purchase and perfect gift.

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