Syrup Barlife Isabella 1 l (PET)

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Syrup Barlife Isabella 1 l Do you want Your culinary talents are admired all around? Then You can not do without the syrup. We suggest You to buy syrup Barline in a liter bottle, for a very reasonable price. It is a favorite of many grapes, which is called "Isabella"! It will perfectly complement drinks and desserts. Wherever You added the aromatic component, it will make Your culinary masterpiece memorable and very original, stand out from the others. A bottle Barline will decorate any shelf! Barlife is a well — known brand of quality syrups, which are represented in Ukraine for more than 8 years. The main advantage of products of TM "Barlife" is the ratio quality/price. Compared to foreign manufacturers of products of TM "Barlife" at least 1.5 times cheaper. The culture of using syrups in cocktails and gastronomy came to the domestic market together with an active promotion of their products in French and American manufacturers. With the rapid pace of development of the hospitality industry's need for inexpensive and quality Ukrainian syrup increased. By careful selection of ingredients from the best suppliers Ukraine, Austria, Germany, France, England, Switzerland have achieved European quality syrups while maintaining affordable prices. Strict quality control, quick response to changes in the tastes and preferences of the consumer, the "fine-tuning" of the formulation provided Barline high competitive advantages in the domestic market. Conducted numerous blind tastings show the advantage of the syrup Barline over all the famous European "standards" of the industry. Today the products of TM Barlife widely represented on the territory of Ukraine, with well-developed regional network of offices. TM Barlife is always ready to provide technological assistance in the use of syrups and their prescription database developed by the best technologists of Ukraine. The product range already has about 60 kinds of syrups. Research work on the plant continues. The production is actively growing, almost weekly, a new form of syrup and is working on improving quality.

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