Set tea I-Tea FUC

Brand: Seletti
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Tea has always been considered the drink of the aristocracy. A particularly strong tea-drinking traditions in Britain, where even today in expensive hotels and restaurants at five o'clock in the afternoon and served tea. White tablecloths, crockery, milk tea and tiny cakes - an English classic! Creating a collection of I-Wares, the team Selab Italian брендаSelettiвдохновлялась British elegance and contemporary style.The tea set-I-Teaklite a Cup, saucer and spoon. All items are made of bone China. The Cup has a traditional shape, but unconventional design. Her pen painted in a bright color (your choice - yellow, blue, green, pink or orange). Cup diameter 13 cm, height 7 cm Saucer seems to be lace, with beautiful reliefs. Of the sets I-Tea you can create a beautiful set. The set is sold in a package with the logo Seletti.

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