Saucer for soup Hybpid

Brand: Seletti
Product Code: 41059
2,445.00 грн.

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Saucer for soup Hybpid was designed by a young design group progressivnoj СtrlZak. ACompany Seletti turned an incredible idea to field porcelain. Designers СtrlZak wanted with this collection to bring a little art monotonnoi for everyday life pokazati the history of the production of Chinese porcelain yevropeiskoho what is called a"cut" Yves"pictures". Items iscollection ware Hybrid in equal parts divided on the two parts with a colored line, which is nardolillo, sharing in common. This line is a symbol of cultural dialogue between East zapadom. Each of solovinom decorated with patterns tradicionnom for European kitaiskogo porcelain style that looks very attractive neobychno. And of course, tempting naprositsya reflections prekrasnom vechnom. Of course, the process of the design of this collection CtrlZak also thought was izuchali anecdotal paradoxes of history. Sold in package with logo Seletti.

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