Rotating glass for whiskey and water "Waves" Shtox (ST10-003)

Brand: Shtox
Product Code: 40646
1,980.00 грн.

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To turn a regular meal into the script of the film "Illusion of deception" sufficient to purchase a set of rotating cups German брендаShtox. Then after Seating all the guests at the festive table, you will be able to arrange a presentation.Glass-top "Wave"is made from quality crystal and has a beautiful wave-like engraving. Unlike ordinary glass of whiskey or water that he can magically rotate on the table - empty or full. Enough slightly to turn. Is a unique shape and polishing of the bottom of the glass, which is achieved through the efforts of the German masters. Pouring the drink into the glass Shtox and twisted it, you can achieve the effect of meditation for a long time to observe the play of colors of the whiskey and the glare of the crystal.
Appointment Для крепких напитков

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