Rotating glass for whiskey and water "Saturn" Shtox (ST10-0070)

Brand: Shtox
Product Code: 40647
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You can often see people grab a whiskey, play with the glass, rotate it, watching the play of colors of the drink. That's just ordinary glasses rotate with difficulty, can not be said about the special glasses from the German брендаShtox. They have a unique design: the bottom of the glass is made in such a way that allows it to rotate easily on a flat surface. In addition, the glasses perfectly polished and it also improves the ability to rotation. You just need to scroll slightly to the glass, and he will continue to rotate independently.A glass of whiskey "Ring"is made of high quality crystal. It shows rings similar to the rings of Saturn. During the rotation of the glass, they amplify the hypnotic effect.
Appointment Для крепких напитков

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