Ristora dry cream bevanda bianca in the granules, 500 g

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Cream Ristora bevanda bianca in the granules, 500 g Dry cream in granules Ristora bevanda bianca 500 g, dissolve easily in water or milk. When cooking is not formed lumps and sludge foams easily, with no unpleasant chemical taste. Due to the high quality instant milk, your vending equipment will last a long time. If?VKI — dairy products derived from whole milk by the separation of fat fraction. For fresh consumption produce cream on sale, usually pasteurized with a fat content of 10-20 % (normal) and 35 % (fat). In commercially available canned and dry cream, the way the use of which is indicated on the label. Due to the high fat content, cream is a very nutritious product. They contain 3.5 % protein, 4.3% carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins (A, E, B1, B2, C, PP, etc.). The cream is widely used in clinical nutrition. They are used for the manufacture of sour cream and butter, and the preparation of various culinary products. Cream recipes are included in some soups, sauces, sweet dishes and confectionery. Heavy cream quickly and easily whipped into a thick foam and are mainly used for making sweet dishes and confectionery products. In the food industry are used with Bo?larger shelf-life "vegetable cream" substitute natural cream produced from vegetable fats (often use coconut, palm or palm kernel oil). In the mixture, however, includes milk proteins (mainly sodium Caseinate), which give the taste, color and aroma of natural cream. Part of the "vegetable cream" also include acidity regulators, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavours and colours.

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