Pepper PPR 078

Brand: Seletti
Product Code: 40782
3,535.00 грн.

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The Italian брендаSelettiдавняя and rich history of success. It was founded in 1964 in Cicognara, near Mantua in Northern Italy. The mission of the company was a market research of products, achieving a high level of professionalism, innovation and continuous development. Seletti focused on design projects, which combined creativity and Italian quality. The inspiration for the creation of the Cosmic Diner collection was space. Pepper PPR 078представляет a rocket. It is made of wood, painted in black-and-white colour and varnished. Pepper conveniently disassembled into two parts to put in it pepper. Rolling through, she crushes it. Looks great paired with the shaker SLR 078. Sold in package with logo Seletti.

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