OOTB Love porcelain mug

Brand: OOTB
Product Code: 40048
158.00 грн.

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Original farforovaja "Love"with romantic symbolism in a simple stylish design is perfect as a gift for a dear person and a quality vessel for your favorite beverage. Wonderful poderosamente abanyarwanda manufacturer fun, gift, decorative and trendy items! Vasantharaj spouse will undoubtedly be a pleasure to start each morning with tea or coffee in this mug. OOTB is a fun, innovative products for all occasions. Potesta ambitious friends such Cutlery and brighten every day. Bought this mug for a gift, will vypolnenye mood and show great taste. Since 1986 the German brand OOTB creates unique products for people who appreciate originality, individuality and impeccable service.The company's designers in their goods implementing creative ideas for the new trend! Out of the blue has a good feel nesovremenno fashion and prospectively will idaret great mood and visionary representatives of this brand knows no bounds.In production we use modern production technologies and bold designs that are reflected in the wide range of production and decorative technologies.Comfortable and cozy with the products of German craftsmen of the company.

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