Nut milk (walnut) ORASI 1 l

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Nut milk (walnut) ORASI 1 l Made from whole, peeled walnut of the highest quality. The drink is rich in natural omega-3 fatty acids and is a source of calcium, vitamins E, B2, D and B12. Non-GMO, gluten and lactose. Suitable for Vegans. Applications: the finished product is suitable for use in cooking, for making confectionery products. Storage conditions: store in cool and dry place, at temperature not above +15C and a relative humidity of 70% (opening store in a refrigerator (at temperatures from +2C to +6C), use within 3-4 days) Shelf life: 270 days Manufacturer: Italy Ingredients: Water, walnut (5%), cane sugar, calcium carbonate, stabilizers, gum beans carob, Galanova gum, sea salt, natural flavors, vitamins (E, B2, D, B12).

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