Nut milk (hazelnut) ORASI 1 l

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Nut milk (hazelnut) ORASI 1 l Drink "Orasi hazelnut" is a fortified vegetable milk, which is made on the basis of nuts. The composition includes: water, hazelnuts (3.5 per cent), cane sugar, vitamins. It is important to know that the product does not contain GMO, gluten and lactose free! Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for people who are lactose intolerant or vegetarians. This product in addition to the direct consumption are also used in the preparation of various desserts, cereal and add to smoothies, coffee, cocktails. "Orasi hazelnut" will complement the dish a wonderful nutty smell and taste. And in the fast menu it would fit perfectly. Store the drink in a dry and cool place, at temperature not above +15° C and a relative humidity of 70%. The project duration is 270 days. After opening the package, the product can be used 3-4 days, it must be stored in a refrigerator at temperature from +2°to +6°C.

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