Neva sports bottle 450 ml black

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Sports water bottle Neva - irreplaceable thing the panoply of the modern active person. It is made idealogical, dolgovechnost impact resistant Tritan material. The bottle has a handy fabric strap, thanks to which aemono easy to transport. The strap also allows you to open a bottle of poluchiti access trubochki schitannye seconds. Features: -volume 450ml -was a stylish bottle material Tritan, absolutely safe for health, nevitium the smell and the color, newdelay substances that affect navkus drink. All urethane I features Because obosnovannye claims plasticum that produce Bisphenol-A (BPA) nevozmojnosti usage impressedthe food containers among companies oriented Nasimi of potrebiteley who care Zdorovie, carried out the development of the modifications of "healthy" materials. In 2007, has developed an innovative material - a transparent, tough, heat-resistant Tritan plastic nazvaniem. Durable, transparent and the amazing by the properties the material has passed the scientific test priznan one of the best to use udage meditsinskoi industry. Kitchenware istriana the same glass - durable, shiny absolutno harmless to health. She nevitium smells and the color intak Newley navkus of the poured drink. 8преимуществ of Tritan material: -environmentally friendly - does not contain insulated harmful chemical compounds, newshemaletube napitkami even at higher temperatures. 100% free orbisphere-A, PVC, heavy metals iptelecom. -Durability - the products are much longer in comparison with other similar materials. -Neshenel odors. -Resistance to obrazovaniu spots - due to this product, even after prolonged use look like new. -Exceptional clarity - in comparison with butilkami of istruga types of plastic, they are completely transparent. -Exceptional strength stoikosti Kudara - no risk to break to heparanase fragments. -Temperature resistance до90°C. Can be used at low temperatures immortally cameras. -Can be washed posudomoechnaja car. Even after two thousand washing cycles the dishes retains its original luster prozrachnosti (for comparison: crystal top grade after thousands of washes becomes cloudy).
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