Lunar coffee set Coffee Set

Brand: Seletti
Product Code: 40775
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Italian брендSelettiсоздает unique collection of dishes with which you want to create a luxurious table setting. In addition, this cookware can be a wonderful gift - a practical and creative at the same time. Designers take into the development of the original theme, resulting in conceptual things. The inspiration for the creation of the Cosmic Diner collection was space.Coffee set Lunar Setсостоит of Coffee cups, saucers and spoons. The Cup is made of durable ceramic, graphite color. It resembles a glass of sake: has a rounded shape, thick wall and has a handle. The texture of ceramics resembles the lunar surface. Saucer and spoon are made of brass. Made in the form of the bottom of the rocket, saucer standing up, and in its recess is placed a Cup. Spoon is a platinum. The diameter of the saucer is 14 cm, Cup's height - 7.3 cm Kit sold in package with logo Seletti.

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