Electric wine opener with knife for foil Professional

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This model of corkscrew checked and approved by the Spanish professional sommeliers at the best restaurants, hence the name Professional. A spin on one charge can uncork up to 40 bottles on a single charge. The famous Spanish brand, Vin Bouquet offers high quality functional device, designed according to the wine traditions for the unsealing of the bottle without any effort and totally safe. The corkscrew is equipped with a quality battery that provides reusable charging device. This comfortable and functional bar tool is a popular item as gifts for women is a bestseller. The best tube for bottle of noble wine - naturally from the bark of the cork oak. Despite the great density of blockage of the bottle, this tube opens and allows a small amount of oxygen, which allows the wine to Mature, but do not deteriorate. So, the wine is ripe, ready to eat, left it open. Ordinary curtains may bend, crumble the cork to pop out of her, in General, create inconvenience and discomfort in the ceremonial opening of the drink. Electric corkscrew Professional will eliminate the problems with opening bottles. He'll open any bottle of wine without the typical cotton, which is important wine that better preserves the beneficial properties.Thanks to a Teflon coating, the working of the spiral penetrates the cork tube, this makes it easier to open the bottle and to save battery power. A great gift connoisseur of the fault of the ceremony, for those who like to arrange a wine party at home, as well as high-quality professional tools for sommeliers, bartenders, restaurateurs. The kit includes rechargeable base and a knife for cutting foil. Corkscrew Packed in an original gift box from the manufacturer.

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