Electric corkscrew Expert with USB charging and built-in battery 3.7 V

Brand: Loоoqs
Product Code: 40134
1,245.00 грн.

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Famous Dutch brandplay electric corkscrew for wine bottles with built-in lighting blue. The corkscrew is an innovative lithium battery 3.7 V. Lightweight and easy to use, the corkscrew opens a wine bottle by 8 seconds. The corkscrew is equipped with a quality battery that provides reusable charging device. This comfortable and functional bar tool is a popular item as gifts for women, respecting wine tradition and is a bestseller. Thanks to a Teflon coating, the working of the spiral penetrates the cork tube, this makes it easier to open the bottle and to save battery power. Packaged in original gift box from the manufacturer. Electric corkscrew wine Expert - trendy gadget for lovers of fashion and loves wine ceremony. Charging electric corkscrew using the micro-USB port, which comes with a micro-USB cable. The kit includes a micro USB cable, Packed in original gift box.

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