Disposable paper Cup 110 ml for coffee

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Disposable paper Cup 110 ml for coffee from high-quality Finnish paper Disposable paper Cup for beverages with a volume of 110 ml. Can be used for hot and cold drinks. Density laminated cardboard 226 g/sq. m, which is made from ecological materials. Great for espresso. Size: Height - 6 cm Top diameter - 6.1 cm The diameter of the bottom - 4.2 cm Interestingly, this kind of capacity has a low level of conductivity, this means that to burn my hands quite difficult. That is why many people buy paper cups for coffee, tea and other hot drinks. We should not think that plastic ware pushed the dishes out of paper. Not at all. Disposable paper cups over plastic, I have a number of advantages: First, they are less teploprovodny. Secondly, more environmentally friendly. However, paper cups are the same hygienically clean, as it cannot be reused and are disposable. You can buy disposable paper cups of various sizes, depending on Your goals. He lived in the 19th century, in America, a successful entrepreneur named Hugh Moore. It was he who invented the paper cups at the time. Believe it or not, even in the 1907 paper disposable cups were in great demand and everyone tried to buy them myself. And all because of the fact that there was a great need to solve the problem of infectious diseases that spread with astonishing speed in America. You've probably seen pictures on the Internet documenting special taps on the streets, which in those days, Americans were drinking water. By the way, these valves were not only in America. So, near of these taps were located a metal mug, which was used by all who wanted. Because of this, and spread infectious diseases. The problem, as You already understood, decided disposable cups. The most difficult was to convince Americans to stop using free public tableware. Even held a special campaign called "combating germs!". Posters were produced advertising the disposable tableware, held special talks in schools, in factories, in all canteens. Needless to say that Hugh Moore took an active part in this campaign? Ultimately, the goal was achieved, the Americans are accustomed to paper cups, and today such dishes are in demand around the world. Every person at least once, but thinking about what you need to buy such products going on a picnic, in your office or in a coffee shop, bar. Yesterday our boss held the championship office at solitaire... And what are the prizes??? Three winners off the damn...
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