Delicia grenadine syrup 750 ml (PET)

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Delicia grenadine syrup 750 ml Syrup Delicia / Delizia grenadine 750 ml Manufacturer: PP "ALAMUT" Country of origin: Ukraine Flavour: Grenadine Packing: Plastic Volume: 750 ml An additional piquancy of a good coffee can add syrup Delicia (Delizia) Grenadines. Suitable not only grenadine and other syrups Delizia depending on the desired result. This is a unique tool that in skilled hand works wonders. Syrups Delicia not only improve coffee, they create in the first place, the mood! Add in drinks is a very creative process and combinations it is possible to discover truly countless. But not only designed for coffee syrup grenadine Delicia. The most common direction: addition to tea, smoothies, desserts (including ice cream), pancakes, and more. The taste of grenadine syrup Delizia like a mixture of pomegranate, raspberry, cherries. We, "Barista", after tasting ready to give a little advice. If you add a coffee syrup gives a tangible flavor of pomegranate and cherry with a slight touch of acidity. Good to be combined with strong Robusta, to soften. Also suitable for Arabica, but not sour. As with any Supplement - important not to overdo it. Otherwise Your masterpiece will fail.
Taste Гренадин

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