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Coffee Dalmaer Ethiopia 500 gr Ethiopia is an ideal place for growing coffee bushes: a fruitful soil, favourable climate, and the placement of plantations in the mountainous terrain. Coffee from Ethiopia is the base for many varieties of Dallmayr coffee. And today coffee beans are the coffee tree, growing either in the wild forest, or grown on small plantations. For centuries in the Ethiopian highlands experts collect the ripe red fruits of the coffee tree manually very carefully. After harvesting, it is "washed" by a kind of technology. The company Dalmaer always buy only those seeds that are grown only in the highlands, and have been carefully selected. As soon as the seeds arrive in Germany, professionals prepare about 400 cups of coffee every day. They carefully check each batch and determine the proportions which must be observed to create the perfect blends. Their mission is to pick up a bouquet for each variety of coffee. Staff monitor carefully the entire production chain: from the arrival of the country of manufacture prior to the filling of packages. Dallmayr - the perfect coffee beans for gourmets and lovers of, at the best price. The company today does not change its tradition, so You 100% can be confident in the quality coffee Dalmaer. No wonder this coffee is considered one of the best drinks in Europe, because it is always mind-blowing taste, stunning aroma and a long pleasant finish that will not leave you indifferent and will brighten Your every day. Original coffee Dalmaer Ethiopia from the world's leading producer of coffee with delivery to Ukraine. Order gourmet coffee Dallmayr Ethiopia with shipping easy! You just have to make an online order, or call our Manager and we will arrange fast delivery of coffee Dalmaer Ethiopia courier, or postal service.
Flavor нет
Flavor notes пряность, цветочные
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The coffee Кофе в зернах
The composition of coffee Арабика 100%
The degree of roast средняя
The taste of coffee С кислинкой
Weight 500.0
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