Da Hong PAO (big Red robe) 500 grams

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Da Hong PAO (big Red robe) 500 grams Da Hong PAO (big Red robe) – red Chinese and black in the Ukrainian classification of tea, which belongs to the group of heavily-fermented Oolong. This is one of the most famous teas of China, which was produced from the raw material of one of the si Da Ming Cong (the four famous bushes). With 80-ies of the 20th century, maternal bushes began to multiply vegetatively. Purchased from them the tea is also called tea big red robe, but experts find that it is significantly different from the present of dakhunpao. But there is no choice – and at this point in history all of us have to settle for may be imperfect, but is substantially less expensive copy of the famous tea. On the kind of the tea leaf resembles a small dark dragon. The color of this tea leaf – bluish-brown, and the flavor high, pure and sweet, resembling the aroma of vintage wine, or boiled exotic fruits, with spicy notes. Its flavor is bright and slightly sharp, but not with bitterness and rapidly rolling in the fruity sweet aftertaste, complemented by roasted notes. A good modern Da Hong PAO is a tea that is not disclosed in the first and second brewing. Its leaves fully unfurl only the third time (when brewed to 0.5 min). This tea is highly appreciated by gourmets and stands about 10 "Straits"-zavarivanje with Chinese tea "Gongfu cha".

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