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Coffee beans 1 kg 100% Arabica at a great price! Time for another Dating stories. This time, the coffee bean. Don't know about you, but I have a strong Association of this coffee beans with instant coffee Carte Noire. Remember in those days we used to drink instant coffee when ordering we weren't talking carte Noire and Black card. We all know the French language, isn't it? And since that time remained a distinct flavor of instant coffee that haunts whenever thinking about coffee "black card". But, nevertheless, it should be noted that with the instant coffee, coffee beans Black card has little in common. And that can be shared between this Arabica beans and ground coffee made from Robusta beans? That's it. I confess to you honestly and openly, a Black card, coffee is produced at facilities in Russia, however, this brand is owned by Strauss Group. Although there are persistent rumors that Strauss intends to sell its factories in Russia. But, until that happens, we have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy great coffee at a great price. After all, very close to the time when following the program of import substitution, the Russians finally once again able to enjoy great coffee made from gorgeous oak acorns. Well, we have a unique opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of civilization and a single world market, and to taste coffee from all known and unknown manufacturers, whether American Starbucks, or Hungarian bravos. I consider it necessary to state that I am extremely impressed with this coffee. Despite the fact that coffee consists of Arabica beans, it does not feel typical acidity inherent in the Arabica beans. It is because of this acidity I don't drink coffee Movenpik. Although, I have to talk about noble acidity, the man who praises Vietnamese Robusta? Don't think I quite fit the role of the expert in this case. By the way, since we were talking about preferences, my parents only drink coffee Black card. It's great cooked on the coffee maker Saeco Vienna. The characteristics of this coffee: 1. 100% Arabica 2. mild flavor 3. coffee and very delicious flavor 4. low caffeine content 5. the price of coffee Black card - it is extremely low for a 100% Arabica 6. ideal for home, office, cafe, bars, restaurants.
Arabica 100%
Barcode 8718868256669
Flavor нет
Flavor notes шоколад
Tags кофе черная карта, купить кофе черная карта, черная карта в зернах, черная карта 1 кг
The coffee Кофе в зернах
The composition of coffee Арабика 100%
The degree of roast средняя
The taste of coffee С горечью, С кислинкой
Weight 1000.0
Weight 1
Without caffeine нет

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