Coffee Lavazza Pronto Crema Grande Aroma beans 1kg

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Coffee Lavazza Pronto Crema Grande Aroma Great coffee for cafes, bars, restaurants - Lavazza Pronto Crema Grande Aroma! 80% Arabica! Good coffee can be different: strong and thick with astringent taste, sweet and soft, crisp and rich, with spicy bitterness and light acidity, with notes of chocolate, cocoa or the original shades of flowers, fruits and spices. The company Lavazza know what varieties, and how their combination can give the drink those or other characteristics and expertly use their discoveries in the process of creating blends of coffee. Therefore, the range of products from this Italian manufacturer, everyone can find what he likes, including light coffee without the caffeine. Coffee Lavazza Pronto Crema Grande Aroma is a sophisticated blend that was developed in Italy specifically for those who appreciate the coffee tenderness and softness. The composition of this blend – only the highest quality Arabica medium Vienna roast. This gentle and slow way of processing coffee beans ensures the preservation of useful substances contained in coffee, as well as a nice taste of the future of the beverage without the bitterness and acid. To create this bouquet used Arabica, grown in highland plantations of Indonesia and South America. Therefore, from lavazza coffee beans it turns out the "rich" drink with a wide range of flavors. A distinctive feature of this product is its pleasant sweet taste, with a subtle piquancy. Also, this coffee will delight a stable foam of a caramel colour and exciting flavours. Pronto Crema blend is ideal for use in vending machines, however, even if you are not able to buy a coffee machine you can prepare the perfect drink at home, for example – in coffee pot, a French press or just in a Cup. In our online store you will be able to choose the most appropriate product different packaging. There is also the possibility to purchase coffee in bulk. With us you can save on coffee, because we work directly with manufacturers, which allows us to install the goods the lowest possible prices. On our site you can get acquainted with each item and buy lavazza coffee with the most suitable for you characteristics. You can be confident in the quality and freshness of the coffee beans, since the product is securely Packed in a vacuum package of multilayer foil. For the removal of carbon dioxide is specifically provided a check valve. Italian products under the brand Lavazza is a smart gift for those who know a lot about coffee!
Arabica 80%
Arabica/Robusta 80/20
Flavor нет
Flavor notes шоколад
Robusta 20%
Tags кофе Lavazza Pronto Crema Grande Aroma, кофе Lavazza с доставкой, кофе лавацца гранде арома, купить лавацца пронто крема
The coffee Кофе в зернах
The composition of coffee Арабика 80% Робуста 20%
The degree of roast средняя
The taste of coffee Со сладостью
Weight 1000.0
Weight 1

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