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Lavazza coffee Grand espresso 1 kg Lavazza Coffee Grand Espresso Dark chocolate and spices is Lavazza Grand espresso. The perfect Italian espresso with a rich and balanced taste. Aroma of dark chocolate and spices. It seems that people were divided into those who prefer to prepare their own morning drink exclusively from coffee beans and those who do not want to waste time on unnecessary and therefore is ground coffee. Anyway, with this drink starts the day in many homes. Coffee like to drink not only at Breakfast. It is also good to Wake up in the afternoon. And how nice to arrange a cozy warm evening with a Cup of fragrant and delicious beverage the colour of bitter chocolate. Company Lavazza takes into account the difference between the tastes of its customers, so doing everything possible to its production range was varied and extensive. Each product has its advantages, but it is coffee beans allow you to feel the power of this product and reveal its versatility. Buying bean coffee, everyone has the opportunity to influence the degree of grinding beans. This allows you to prepare beverages that will differ in strength, richness and density of flavor and intensity of flavor. Very popular coffee blends from Italy Lavazza coffee Grand Espresso. They are proud of not only the company Lavazza. Throughout the world it is considered one of the brightest among the products of this brand. These grains can be cooked maximum strong and invigorating espresso with noticeable bitterness and a spicy tartness. For an exceptionally clean taste and exciting aroma of this coffee is very much appreciated not only in Europe but also in many countries of the globe. Coffee bouquet Lavazza espresso is made from beans of the Arabica, so that each cooked Cup of the beverage has not only excellent invigorating, but also the excellent taste characteristics. Product Grand espresso is equally good for use in both the home and professional coffee machines. It is possible to prepare pure classic coffee and original coffee drinks with the addition of various spices and dairy products. Such combinations will allow every day to indulge ourselves with delicious and healthy drinks and discover coffee in a new way. Order freshly roasted coffee as long as possible retain their flavor, the company Lavazza use sealed foil packaging with a special non-return valve Discover the world of coffee together with high-quality Italian products! To buy the goods from the manufacturer Lavazza in Kiev you can in our online coffee and tea store. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Origin: natural Arabica from the Brazilian region of Cerrado, Mogiana and South of Minas, washed Arabica from Honduras, African Robusta with spicy notes from Uganda.
Arabica 60%
Barcode 8000070021341
Flavor нет
Flavor notes шоколад, пряность
Robusta 40%
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The coffee Кофе в зернах
The composition of coffee Арабика 60% Робуста 40%
The degree of roast средняя
The taste of coffee С горечью
Weight 1000.0
Weight 1

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