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Buy coffee beans Lavazza Gold Selection (coffee Lavazza gold Selection) in the store the Barista Sweet, milk chocolate is coffee Lavazza Gold Selection Skillful selection of the best varieties of coffee for a perfect bitter-sweet balance. Unique, full-bodied espresso with aroma of milk chocolate and vanilla notes. Origin: natural Arabica from Brazil, Colombian high quality Arabica and Robusta from the island of Java. Italian brand Lavazza regularly replenishes its line of coffee bouquets the original representatives to satisfy the tastes of different people, and continue to reveal the beauty and greatness of coffee in a new way. Another innovation that has conquered the world and caused the respect for the real coffee lovers who became coffee Lavazza Gold Selection. Coffee beans Lavazza this series belongs to the premium class products and is very popular. This is not surprising, as it has unusual taste, nice price and adequate strength. Another plus of this product is its versatility. This means that by purchasing coffee beans Lavazza Gold Selection, you will be able to prepare various coffee drinks, whether it's a classic strong espresso, latte gentle, airy cappuccino or mocha latte. Many coffee lovers have noticed that this blend works well for creating a coffee beverage with milk, ice cream or cream. As a pleasant rich taste of chocolate, which is clearly felt in brewed coffee, advantageously emphasizes the tenderness of dairy products. Our online coffee and tea store offers to buy coffee beans Lavazza gold Selection at the best price. On the website you can see the merchandise and purchase the required number of products including buy coffee in bulk. The coffee Lavazza Gold Selection consists of top-class coffee beans Arabica, grown in highland plantations in the hot Brazil. This means that the brewed beverage will vary softness and tenderness of taste, rich aroma and pleasant long aftertaste. Besides, this coffee does not have excessive acidity and bitterness. In its dense and thick palate with nice savoury notes of bitter chocolate and a hint of caramel. These characteristics were achieved thanks to a special slow roasting where the coffee beans are gradually acquiring the desired color, taste and smell, and thus are not destroyed healthy minerals and oil. These grains with a medium degree of doneness well-suited for use in automatic coffee machines and drink at home. In any case, Lavazza coffee is delicious and flavorful. Coffee Lavazza Gold Selection is truly liquid gold to try which should be everyone! If you decide to buy coffee beans Lavazza, then on our website you will be able to choose your coffee from a large range of Lavazza coffee.

Arabica 80%
Arabica/Robusta 80/20
Barcode 8000070043206
Flavor нет
Flavor notes шоколад, карамель
Robusta 20%
Tags кофе Lavazza Gold Selection, купить кофе в зернах Лавацца, кофе Лавацца Голд Селекшн с доставкой, кофе лавацца, лавацца кофе
Taste молочный шоколад
The coffee Кофе в зернах
The composition of coffee Арабика 80% Робуста 20%
The degree of roast средняя
The taste of coffee С горечью, Со сладостью
Weight 1000.0
Weight 1

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