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Coffee Covim Prestige Great mix from the Italian manufacturer. We continue to review coffee from the Italian factory Covim. And we have coffee Covim Prestige. After tasting coffee Covim Granber, I was really hoping that coffee and Cofim Prestige will be worthy of his brother. And, as it turned out later, my hopes were justified. To begin with, that coffee Covim Prestige is a blend of Arabica and Robusta in the ratio of 80 to 20. This ratio is perfect for coffee lovers who prefer flavored coffee with a small amount of caffeine and appreciate the strong taste of Robusta. Well, since I really appreciate the fortress of Robusta and coffee Covim Prestige I liked it. When brewing coffee Covim Prestige, the first thing I would like to mention is a rich coffee flavor. It is for such a prized aroma of coffee, and feeling exactly the flavor I want to drink a Cup of coffee. A very pleasant experience. Next, I evaluated the taste of coffee Covim Prestige. And I must say that I was impressed by the lack of acidity that I was expecting to feel. The taste is soft, feels great although some of the fortress from Robusta beans, which in turn also yields many favorite creams. Overall, I can say that as a simple layman, not claiming to be a true coffee connoisseur, coffee Covim Prestige seemed very tasty and enjoyable. I enjoyed it would recommend to their family and friends, and they would not be disappointed. Coffee Covim Prestige is a good option for home and office, as well as cafes and restaurants. I think that even the most picky coffee drinkers, coffee Covim Prestige will cause only positive emotions. Features coffee Covim Prestige: 80% Arabica 20% Robusta a rich coffee aroma mild flavor great price

Arabica 80%
Flavor нет
Flavor notes шоколад
Robusta 20%
Tags кофе Ковим Престиж, кофе в зернах Ковим, купить кофе Ковим с доставкой
The coffee Кофе в зернах
The composition of coffee Арабика 80% Робуста 20%
The degree of roast средняя
The taste of coffee С горечью
Weight 1000.0
Weight 1
Weight, gram 1000
Without caffeine нет

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