Casfe Supremo coffee instant freeze-dried 100 g

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Casfe Supremo coffee instant freeze-dried 100 g Coffee Casfe Supremo the best freeze-dried coffee granules, medium rare. All granules is stable. Coffee means that it was made by special technology different from that at which the powder is prepared and granulated instant coffee. First coffee beans are roasted and finely ground-so get a coffee "flour", which is placed in a closed sealed container, where coffee brewed 3 hours. From each tank to leave a special pipe which goes steam which contains essential oils. Further, according to a special technology the essential oil is squeezed out of steam. Meanwhile brewed coffee oil is frozen. This happens very quickly due to the very low temperatures. Thus, the liquid Vyborzhets in a vacuum-the process is almost the same as in the freezer with frozen foods, if they were unpackaged, they dry up. The rest of the mass coffee flour is almost completely devoid of moisture, splits and granules are formed in the form of pyramids that you see in the Bank Casfe Supremo.
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