Carafe "Aladdin", gold

Brand: OOTB
Product Code: 40271
528.00 грн.

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The carafe you can pour any drinking water and in 3 minutes the water is filled with vitality thanks to the unique shape and properties of the carafe. The use of saturated water allows flush toxins from the body, improves overall health and increases stress resistance of the organism. The patented shape of the pitcher changes the structure of water at the molecular level, saturating and enriching the water molecules. Decanter handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and glass blowers. The design of the carafe is designed in Switzerland. Each carafe is unique, so small bubbles and irregularities are not a defect, but only provide a direct proof of the hand-crafted decanter. Packaging: presentable box with the logo of the manufacturer. Coupon is only valid for purchases in the online shop!

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