Almond milk ORASI 1 l

Brand: OraSi
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Vegetable almond milk 1 ORASI l Balanced, creamy drink that does not contain gluten, lactose, GMO, artificial flavors. Delicious and low in calories (only 49 calories per 100ml) almond drink with a subtle taste and aroma of whole roasted almonds Almond OraSi allowed to eat vegetarians and people who are watching their figure, he will be an excellent basis for the preparation of nutritious breakfasts, delicious desserts, cocktails and drinks. OraSi Almond drink and as an alternative to cow's milk lactose. Ingredients: water, almonds (4,5%), sugar cane, dye, calcium carbonate (E170), food fiber, stabilizer Galanova gum, sea salt, vitamins E, B2, B12, D. A volume of 1 L. Storage life: 270 days (at temperatures not above 15 degrees, after opening consume within 3 days). Country of origin – Italy.

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