A set of jewelry for tube "Bear"

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You must have left cork out of the wine after the next feast. Feel so bad for them sometimes to throw away, especially if the wine otkuporivanie for some significant reason. The creative team of Israeli designers has developed a genuine solution to this delicate problem by creating a set of jewelry for tube. Funny set-designer of "the Bear" - a few pieces of the animal's body-the tooth. Each piece is attached to the tube with a pointed rod, turning the tube into a nice creature. A set of jewelry for tube "Bear" will be an original addition to a good bottle of wine, because the box with the jewelry can easily be worn on the neck of the bottle. A fun lesson on transforming wine corks can captivate not only children but also adults. And if you get more than one set, and all at once - your imagination is something to roam. And your zoo will be envied by the most famous zoologists! The discount is only valid in the online shop!

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