A set of champagne glasses "bride and Bridegroom" in a gift box

Brand: Boxer
Product Code: 39175
820.00 грн.

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Somebody from friends or relatives is getting married/getting married? Don't wait for the wedding day in order to make a gift, enjoy a few now with a set of champagne glasses "Groom and bride" from which your loved ones will drink champagne to your lucky day. The glasses are of fine shape and decoration in the form of inscriptions "Bride" and "Groom" as well as the hearts and stars. Above the packing head is also no need to break, as the set is already placed in a beautiful gift box with an ornament and a sleek lining inside. To be sure, such a gift the couple will keep for years as a souvenir and reminder of the happy day and who knows, maybe of these glasses will drink champagne next generation?

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