Coffee Covim

Кофе Covim Orocrema
Coffee Covim Orocrema (Kovim Orokrema coffee) bean..

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Covim Prestige
Coffee Covim Prestige An excellent blend of Itali..

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Covim Granbar
Coffee Covim Granbar. Coffee that is remembered f..

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Coffee Covim

For many people a very big value are centuries-old traditions in the creation of a product or product.

Such is the coffee Kovim

And this is understandable, since this company's main production facilities are located in the Italian city of Genoa. This northern region of Italy is famous for its longstanding customs or values, which has been consistently followed in the process of creating high quality coffee. The main secret of the popularity of coffee Kovim and consumers love to him is invariably clean taste and a strong characteristic aroma with notes of bittersweet chocolate. All people have their personal preferences regarding coffee and coffee drinks. And in company with a world name Kovim is ignored during creation of various coffee bouquets. So, for example, to create a drink with thick crunchy taste in company apply coffees without the sourness. This allows you to enjoy a piquant notes of coffee in its purest form. For lovers of truly strong coffee lung ...